Vegetable Kingdom

Asheville, NC
Vegetable Kingdom is a local business that creates and produces small batch, ready to eat meals under the "Halfway 2 Homemade" label. Our original line includes New Orleans Gumbo, Creole Etouffee, Brunswick Stew, and Massaman Curry. Soups are made from scratch and meatless out of the jar. Our Halfway 2 Homemade Vegan line includes Ginger Beet Gazpacho, Mushroom Medley, Sweet Potato Bisque, and Herb Roasted Garlic Potato. They are healthily low sodium, nutrient dense, and fiber rich. All our soups are infinitely variable because customers decide how they want to finish. Our products are low-fat and low-sugar. All are gluten-free, with two low-carb options. For a full list of where to find our products, visit